Sunday, July 3, 2011

Graduation Cakes

What a month for graduation cakes. My favorite cake was for one of my daughter's teammates that ran the 4 x 400 relay with her at River Dell High School. The girls went to the Penn Relay's and unexpectedly won their heat. It was one of the most exciting races I have ever witnessed. After being interviewed by our county newspaper, Cat mentioned that she was like "a mama duck" to the younger girls. As the senior on a team with three sophomores, Cat was the leader and the girls followed her every move. The nickname Mama duck stuck and her graduation cake reflected the 4x400 relay team with four little ducks running on a track around the cake. The Riverdell logo and Boston College logo were printed on edible paper. The graduation cap and diploma were made weeks earlier so they could dry completely. This cake will always bring back fond memories for Cat's family and for the rest of the relay team. A fondant cake is very much the centerpiece of the party and the pictures that are taken of it capture memories that will bring smiles for a lifetime.
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