Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Birthday Cake for a Dallas Cowboy Named Miles Austin, III

A few days ago I was contacted by the father of a Dallas Cowboy football player asking if I could make a birthday cake for his son, Miles Austin, III. Really?

I am not a Cowboy fan and actually consider myself to be very much a Redskin fan. Would I let that interfere with my decision to do this last minute cake? Of course not! As I spoke with his father about the cake, he told me about his son and all that he had done for him and his family, what a nice boy he is and how much he gives back to the community. All he needed was a small cake with a Dallas Cowboy star and the #19.

When the call ended, a client that had been waiting to speak to me told me that she knew Miles Austin and that she had gone to school with him. She confirmed how well liked he is, how much he gives back to the community and that he was just in the newspaper for that reason.

When Miles mother came to pick up the cake she told me that Miles would say his father shouldn't have gone to all the trouble. She admired the cake and asked how I made the decorations. She was just a nice as the father..

I am not a Dallas Cowboy Fan but I am the fan of a Dallas Cowboy named Miles Austin, III and of his parents.

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